Participation of our ESRs at the Progress in Motor Control XIV Conference

Our ESRs Rebecca, Jan, Anadi, Saroosh, Sam, Danial, Vika, Marijn and Anaƫlle participated at the Progress in Motor Control XIV Conference in Rome, September 27-30, 2023.

Our ESRs presented their work in poster presentations and got useful feedback and suggestions for their projects and attended inspirational talks by eminent scientists in the field.
The plenary lectures gave great insight into the diverse field of motor comntrol and currently existing research gaps as well as the translation of theoretical principles into clinical set-up.
A key takeaway message was to pay attention to all levels of the movement system in order to undertand the motor control principles.

A highlight of the conference for our consortium was the 2nd best poster prize for our ESR Rebecca!

Congratulations to all our ESRs for their participation and great work!