Conceptual and practical reflexions on the systems perspective

Host Institution: University of Antwerpen

Department that hosts the PhD: Centre for Philosophical Psychology

Supervisors involved: Prof. dr. Myin, Dr. van Dijk Prof. Dr. Schöner

Project description

REPAIRS is a European Training Network (ETN) within the H2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovation Training Network programme. REPAIRS takes a systems perspective on rehabilitation, which is based on the idea that perception and action in everyday behavior emerge from mutual, nonlinear interactions among components. The PhD projects exploit knowledge from Dynamic Systems Theory, Ecological Psychology and 4E-cognition to understand the interactions and relations among components that make up the perception-action cycle.

The integrated systems approach will be instrumental in REPAIRS overall and applied to a range of subject matters concerning rehabilitation. Project 15 seeks a philosopher with a background in Embodied and Embedded approaches to cognition. The project will take the use of integrated systems approach across the different domains and practices within REPAIRS as its object of investigation. In four different subprojects the PhD candidate will reflexively apply the systems approach to the relations between the scientific and practical domains defined in REPAIRS. Combining conceptual and logical analysis and ethnography she or he will conduct participatory studies of how the groups work together in REPAIRS. Understanding how norms and values take shape in the coordination of different practices in REPAIRS is crucial to appreciate the scope of the systems perspective guiding REPAIRS. Reciprocally, by understanding tension between differing practices as processes of coordination this project will contribute to formulating requirements for translating scientific results to clinical effects.

About ESR15-Giulia Di Rienzo

I was born in Parma (Italy) but now I live in Antwerp (Belgium). I did both my BSc and MSc at the University of Parma, but I’ve also spent a semester as an ERASMUS student at the University College of Dublin (Ireland). I have decided to do a PhD because I have an insatiable passion for research.

In my free time, I enjoy reading sci-fi novels, playing board games, taking care of my home jungle and just recently, inline roller skating.