ESRs 3&4-Anadi and Saroosh participated at the International Conference on Perception and Action in Mexico

Our ESRs Anadi and Saroosh travelled to Mexico to participate at the XXI International Conference on Perception and Action which took place 27-30 June, 2023 in Guadalajara, Mexico. The meeting also attended our supervisor Dr. David Travieso and our Partner Prof. Joanna RÄ…czaszek Leonardi.

Anadi and Saroosh had the opportunity to listen talks within the ecological approach to perception and action, including perception, motor control and coordination, development, cognition, complex systems, social interaction, ecological neuroscience, philosophy, art and design, among others.

Some highlights of the conference included:
1. The symposium on “Flow in Flight”, where multiple tasks provided insights into the use of information through direct perception for guided steering and obstacle avoidance
2. The symposium on “ecological resonance”, an important concept that has the potential to revolutionalise our understanding of how we interact with our environment
3. Discussions with researchers from different research programs on methodologies for evaluating and measuring coordination of movement