ESR8-Amir attended the 2022 International Schol of Brain Cells & Circuits

Our ESR Amir Esmaeili participated at the International School of Brain Cells & Circuits “Camillo Golgi” which took place in Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture Erice (Italy), from 30th November to 3rd December 2022 ( One of the major aims of the school was integration of molecular and cellular knowledge into microcircuits and large-scale network through computational models.

To that end, renowned researchers from computational neuroscience and neuroimaging (such as professors V. Jirsa, A. Destexhe, E. D’Angelo, and G. Tononi) presented their perspectives on how to best tackle the multiscale nature of the brain. In addition, participants took part in in hands-on modelling projects, from single neurons to large scale signals, using EBRAINS tools and other platforms such as The Virtual Brain (TVB).

Well done Amir, we hope you enjoyed it!