ESR13-Usman collaborated with a teacher from Croatia

Our ESR13 Usman Dankoly just received a certificate of participation in the Science is Wonderful competition organized by the European Commission in collaboration with Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.  

He proposed a project in collaboration with an IT Teacher from Croatia with the title: Doctor Games. Their goal was to ignite the passion for artificial intelligence and digital medicine in young students and future scientists! 

Doctor Games focuses on Rehabilitation Medicine, in which students play the role of a Doctor and the AI acts as a patient. The students interact with the patient-AI, matching the complaints to a likely diagnosis to then choose a possible treatment plan and match it to the appropriate Rehabilitation Specialist. 

Through the game, the students have the opportunity to learn the basics of the clinical decision-making process, experiencing the interesting future career of AI and Rehabilitation Medicine.  

Unfortunately, the project was not selected to participate in Science is Wonderful in Belgium, but Usman was very excited about this project and his collaboration with the teacher. We are looking forward to the next edition!